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Episode 1: "Drenched Rat" "'びしょぬれネズミ" ("Bishonure Nezumi")

Episode 1

Episode 2: "The Town Clad in Light" '"光まとう街" ("Hikari Matō Machi")

Episode 2

Episode 3: "Life and Death" "生と死と" ("Seito Shito")

Episode 3

Episode 4: "Demon and Saint" "魔と聖" ("Ma to Sei")

Episode 4

Episode 5: "Angel of Hades" "冥府の天使" ("Meifu no Tenshi")

Episode 5

Episode 6: "Hidden Danger" "隠し危険" ("Kakushi Kiken")

Episode 6

'Episode 7: "Truth Lies, False Truth" "'真実の嘘・虚構の真実" ("Shinjitsu no Uso Kyokō no Shinjitsu")

Episode 7

Episode 8: "The reason for that is..." "そのわけは…" ("Sono wake wa")

Episode 8

Episode 9: "Stage of Disaster" "災厄の舞台" ("Saiyaku no Butai")

Episode 9

Episode 10: "That which resides in Hell" "奈落にあるもの" ("Naraku ni Aru Mono")

Episode 10

Episode 11: "Tell me the truth" "伝えてくれ、ありのままを" ("Tsutaetekure, Ari no mama wo")

Episode 11

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