Shion (紫苑) is a now 16 year old boy living in an exclusive area in No. 6. He lives with his mother and works
NO.6 - 03 - Large 36
really hard at school. His best friend is Safu who always supports him in everything.

Shion is a very nice and gentle person despite that his name means a lilac flower. His mother was very fond of wild flowers and trees

He is also a clever person as shown in episode 1, he had a lot of trophies on his shelf and is now on a special track (report).

Four years on, he was sent to the Lost Town because he let a VC (Nezumi) escape which caused him to be disqualified in the gifted and talented high ability class and he and his mum moved in. His mum now works at a bakery shop selling muffins and cakes where Shion himself worked as a park supervisor.

He also wants to know a bit more about Nezumi and kindly named some of Nezumi's rats, for example; Hamlet, Moonlit.

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